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Case Studies

Dave Zmeyr Consulting can help you with our world-wide experience. We have helped clients around the globe.


Assisted a growing company evaluate M&A opportunities and IT risks

Ann Arbor

Created custom software to allow a Major University to electronically evaluate the reading level of educational materials


Assisted in knowledge transfer and onboarding of a growing European organization’s expansions


Helped analyze, budget for, and build out a multinational organization’s IT Security Ops program


Helped support a Fortune-1000 company’s risk management division’s technology portfolio


Worked with a leading manufacturer to help them create engineering models for magnetic levitation technology

Hong Kong

Supported a U.S. Based company’s expanding business and technology needs in foreign locales


Helped roll out nationwide connectivity for a major food service supplier to allow for centralized financial reporting


Assisted a Multinational design, budget and present to the C-Suite a nationwide telecommunications and WAN strategy


Worked to select, implement, and troubleshoot an ERP system for a multinational company’s foray into mainland China

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