Disaster Recovery

Backups, Planning, and Recovery Services

You don’t want to lose time or money. You don’t even want to imagine it. But if it a disaster happens you have a partner to the rescue. And now that you’ve hired Dave Zmeyr consulting, you can feel confident it won’t happen again.

Let’s start by working with you to prevent a disaster in the first place

Where’s the “easy” button? We remove complexity on your end.

Dave Zmeyr Consulting sets up Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. For example, we have designed, architected, project managed and deployed a multi-thousand virtual desktop environment to over 300 U.S. based locations to eliminate the need for PC’s for standardized employment position. No problem if your company requires specific securely delivered, workspaces for terminal emulation, customer service and order entry. We are here to make it happen for you.

Faced with a disaster and need help fast?

Call Dave Zmeyr Consulting. We will manage your Incident and recovery scenarios and create and execute business continuity and disaster recovery plans.